Discover Interventional Radiology at the Cube

The Cube is a dynamic space devoted to the captivating world of interventional radiology (IR), which debuted at ECR 2018.

Delivering a wide array of simulated activities and interactive presentations, the Cube is the best place to get hands-on experience in IR and a taste of this innovative sub-specialty.

Activities at the Cube are organised according to themes of peripheral, central, oncological or neurological interventions. And whilst activities are primarily aimed at radiology residents with limited experience in IR, students, radiologists and radiographers will all find interesting and useful sessions available at the Cube.

4 days, 421 participants, 26 companies, 15 guest presenters and tutors, and over 300 hours of IR simulation...

Thank you to all those who made the inaugural Cube at ECR 2018 a huge success.


1. When and where is the Cube?

    The CUBE is a component of the ECR, and will next take place at ECR 2019, which is held from February 27 - March 3.

    It shall be located in the ECR City - the area surrounding the Austria Center Vienna (the congress' main location).

2. Who should enter the Cube?

    The Cube provides a hands-on introduction into the world of IR. Thus, it is suited to any young physician, student, radiologist, radiographer or other individual who wants to learn about this fascinating field.


3. Will the CUBE be back in 2019?

    Yes! Reflecting the resoundingly positive feedback from participants and industry participants, the Cube will again be a major feature of ECR 2019

4. Who is behind the CUBE?

    The Cube is organised by the European Society of Radiology, but utilises the support of a number of industry partners and specialists who respectively present simulation activities and interactive presentations


The Inaugural Cube - February 28 to March 3, 2018

Industry Partners of the Cube